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Team Jr

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Paul Teutul Jr!

- Welcome to our pages dedicated to the fans -
of Paul Teutul Jr of American Chopper fame

We are ecstatic about Paulie's success with Paul Jr Designs, winning TWO buildoff competitions and after a great Azeroth Choppers web series, hope to see PJD back on TV!

See the awesome bikes and other projects built by Paul Jr Designs!
Watch our news page and episode guide where we'll share what we know.

2011 & 2012 Build-Off Champion! Congratulations Paul Jr!
Paulie Teutul with girlfriend Rachel Paul Jr Paul Teutul Jr

Teutul Baby Watch
Black Bear Casino bike unveiled 7/11/14 in Carlton, MN
Black Widow custom car unveiled 6/19/14 in Orlando, FL
World of Warcraft Horde chopper unveiled 6/3/14 in Irvine, CA
World of Warcraft Alliance chopper unveiled 6/3/14 in Irvine, CA
Universal Property Insurance Bike unveiled 12/10/13
Paul Jr Caricatures
Paul Teutul Jr Caricatures - Page 8

Paul Jr childhood and Teutul family photos - Page 5
the happy couple
Paul Jr Wedding Photos
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Paulie on the Fire Bike
Click to see old family pictures


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