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November 16, 2012

With the cancellation of American Chopper announced today, many fans feel it's time for a show dedicated solely to Paul Teutul Jr and his crew at Paul Jr Designs. This is a battle cry that's been heard for some time now, even to the extent of many fans admitting they fast forward through the non-PJD parts of the show. The fan base is there to support his own show and most feel that Paul Jr is just getting started, not only in his bike-building career but also by branching out into PJD Studios, a line of Dynacraft bicycles and the recent collaboration with Cre8Play. The sky is the limit for this imaginative guy. We wanted to outline some of the ways to help!
Give Paul Jr His Own Show!
Give Paul Jr/PJD His Own Show
Christo Doyle
Tweet producer Christo Doyle @ChristoDoyle
Tweet Discovery @Discovery
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And maybe another network would love to snap up Paul Jr for a show, so here are some suggestions on where to leave comments or tweets.
BRAVO on Facebook
@Bravotv on Twitter
MTV on Facebook
@MTV on Twitter
Spike TV
Spike on Facebook
@SpikeTV on Twitter
FX on Facebook
@FXNetworks on Twitter

give PJD their own show
Give Paul Jr his own show! #PJDTVSHOW


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